The Journey Continues

Hail the ever growing Northern Darkness!

The ancient and infernal spirit of Sacramentum has been dormant for two decades, In its hypnotic and hysterical sleep it has traveled far beyond human comprehension. It has been sleeping in the Shadow of Oblivion and gathered strength and power to erect the black pantheon of Sacramentum.

Now the spirit has awakened!

The Journey continues in 2020 as one of the headlining acts of Netherlands Deathfest and Maryland Deathfest. But this is just the beginning! A new masterpiece of true dark art is to be unleashed upon the earth! Entitled Shadow of Oblivion which was the name of an early painting made by Anders Brolycke in 1994 and also a part of the layout on the Finis Malorum EP.
This dare we say is the follow up to Far Away from the Sun. In close collaboration with my long time brother of the mighty Grotesque/Liers in wait, Necrolord has begun preparations for a new stunning painting. The artwork will reflect the music just as it did on Far Away from the Sun.

For two decades we have waited for the spirit to awaken… Time has come…
Blood Shall Be Spilled!!!

Mori ego adoremus.

Nisse Karlén on behalf of Sacramentum
January 22, 2020